Burn your fat with me!! is the world's first series of "moevation" fitness apps. Unlike mainstream fitness apps, the focus of BYFWM!! is to motivate the player to start and maintain a workout routine through a story-driven game that casts them in the middle of a Japanese school romance? after all, love is the greatest motivator!

Following the succes of the original Burn your fat with me!!, Burn your fat with me!! for Girls is a fully-voiced Otome game backed by an all-star cast, designed to make working out a bit more fun?and a lot more passionate!

Part one of the game focuses on abdominal training with belly-tight sit ups. New training programs and story episodes will be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Touma Maizono Kei Katsuragi Ryuji Shiba
Same grade as player. Handsome, smart, and athletic to boot, Touma was born with a multitude of talents and can seemingly do just about anything with natural skill. A particularly talented dancer, Touma has represented Japan at several international junior dance competitions, returning home with excellent results on each occasion. One grade above the player. Kei is the star actor at "Kiageha", Ootori Academy's prestigious theater troupe. Top-notch acting skills coupled with beautiful features and extraordinary physical prowess has made him a darling of the industry despite still being a student. Kei is also a skilled cook after spending time helping out at his family's restaurant in the countryside. Teacher at Ootori Academy and director of Kiageha theater troupe. Ryuji was highly sought-after in his youth for his talent as both an actor and playwright, but retired from theater for reasons unknown. He got the job teaching and directing at Ootori through the influence of an aquiantance.
Shinobu Kujou Manato
Attends Ootori Academy’s rival, Suzaku Academy. He’s the star performer in the Suzaku theatre troupe and a friend of Kei’s. He is also the heir to his family’s zaibatsu corporation, Kujou Group. Due to his wealthy upbringing and being raised to believe we was the best at everything, he’s very lax so he tends to spoil himself and others. This is the collaboration character with the situation boyfriend app which is the popular voice app in Japan.He has been joining the voice app which is loved by the heroine as the character(He is a fictional character in the story of BYFWM). He became to appear in her dream since she got too engrossed this app.

・What is a 'voice pack'?

 A voice pack is an add-on allowing you to enjoy the episodes with characters voiced.
 The heroine remains unvoiced. The voice packs are not needed to hear the training voices.

・What is the 'voice collection' for?

 The voice collection is a gallery where you can replay the training voices you have collected.
 Voices will be unlocked as you progress through the episodes. Unlocked voices will be shown as '?????'.

・Ryuji and Toma's voice collections are marked as unpurchased. What do I need to purchase to unlock these voices?

 The voice collection will be available by purchasing 'Ryuji (Sit-ups) Add-on' and 'Toma (Sit-ups) Add-on'.
 In order to unlock all the voices in the collection the following add-ons are needed:
 Ryuji (Push-ups) Add-on
 Toma (Push-ups) Add-on
 Ruiji (Squats) Add-on
 Toma (Squats) Add-on

・The voices are sounding a little static.

 You may have a sound enhance running on your phone.
 Please turn off enhancers to enjoy the voices without any glitches.

・The training ads are a bother.

 Purchasing the Calendar/Timer Add-on will remove all ads.

・I can't install the app!

 We are unfortunately unable to assist you with this problem. Please contact Google Play for assistance.
 Please also check your if this app is compatible with your device.

Kei Katsuragi Jon Bullock
Touma Maizono Howard Wang
Ryuji Shiba Curtis Arnott
Shinobu Kujou Michel Kovach
Saki Amber Lee Connors
Naruse Justin Briner
Director Amber Lee Connors
Planning・Scenario・Director figma
Character Design Michiru Onodera
Programming mikihisa(for iOS)
Gamekozo(for Android)
Localization (English) Emong Zheng
Steven Simonitch
Amber Lee Connors
Mike Quarrato
Localization (Chinese) Seara
English Casting Director Amber Lee Connors
Marketing Steven Simonitch
Amber Lee Connors
Desinger Tsugumi Yoshiasa
Mitsuki Mistryrose
Background Art Blue Leaf
YOTSUBA Nekokichi
Logo Design Kouhou@Design
Theme Song Shiawaseno Teigi
music/liric/vocal: that
Development Cooperation Visualworks co, ltd
Twofive co, ltd
Sound Effects & Audio H/MIX GALLERY
Music is VFR
Graphics freedesignfile.com
Planning・Development Creative Freaks